This is the source code for harrybarnard.com.



This is a Hugo project. Check the Hugo Documentation for more usage information.

Content Commands

Add new page:

hugo new page/<page name>.md

Add new service:

hugo new service/<service name>.md

Development Commands

Check gulpfile.js for more info.

Install dependencies:

npm install

Run local development server at http://localhost:1313:

npm run server

Build source:

npm run build

Watch source for changes:

npm run watch

Publish site. This builds from source, uploads to S3 then runs an invalidation on Cloudfront as necessary:

npm run publish


Hugo is configured using config.yml.
You’ll need to create an aws.json (in the project root) file to configure your Amazon deployment. You can use aws.example.json as a guide for this.


Content: CC-BY-SA-4.0

Code: MIT